Win $250 In Big Y Customer Satisfaction Survey

Big Y. is one of America’s largest supermarket chains and has nearly 59 different locations in the entire United States. It is not just confined to Foods and grocery superstores but also owns various pharmacies and wellness and various retail stores throughout the country. It was first established in 1936 and since then its major has been to keep its customers satisfied to the utmost extent. Big Y also offers its valued customers with online shopping and delivery, which is all extremely convenient for its users. Big Y can also arrange events and runs various chains of restaurants throughout the country.

Along with these facilities, Big Y requires its customers to provide them with helpful suggestions and notify them of their flaws as much as possible. For this purpose, Big Y has launched an online Survey called the Big Y customer Satisfaction Survey which is available to everyone who shops at any of their stores.


The prerequisites for filling out the survey are simple:

  1. A computer
  2. A decent internet connection
  3. Your Express Card number provided by the retail branch.

Step By Step Guide

The steps for filling out the questionnaire are even simpler:

  1. Go to the website,
  2. Fill in your express card number
  3. Start filling out the survey and its questions.
  4. Submit the survey and you shall be notified about your suggestions
  5. You will also be automatically included in a lucky draw for various $250 coupons which you can use at any of the retail stores.

These suggestions are extremely vital for Big Y. Since its foundation, Big Y’s aim has always been the maximum satisfaction of its valued customer and never let them feel disappointed about any aspect of the company. As it has spread to 59 other locations and has grown much in strength, they now require your personal opinions on how to improve the company more than ever. With the help of this survey, you will be able to help Big Y to maintain its high standards and serve its customers the best possible way it can. With this survey, you can also help the Big Y administration notify of any of their flaws which are necessary to overcome. With this vital help, Big Y will be able to continue its service for its thousands of customers in the best possible way and allow maximum convenience for them.

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