7 Ways To Use A Carabiner That You Never Thought Of

Derived from a German word, a carabiner is a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate. It is mostly used for safety reasons in activity such as climbing, but also has a variety of other practical uses, being a common item used in arboriculture, hot air ballooning, construction, sailing or caving.

However, a carabiner has a ton of other practical uses, being able to replace lots of other items used around the household.

Here are 7 other possible uses of a carabiner that will make your life a whole lot easier:

One of the most practical uses for a carabiner is to use it as a keychain. With this idea in mind, you can attach all sorts of other things to it, like your keys, shopping cards, your collection of keychains, etc.

A carabiner can also make a good paper clip replacement. It can be used to hold together a bunch of monthly bills, shopping coupons, notes or whatever other pieces of paper you can punch a hole in and need to keep them organized.

If you are lacking storage space in your closet, hang a carabiner somewhere and then attach a chain to it. On that chain, you can hang clothes deposited on clothes-hangers, purses, umbrellas or whatever other clothing items and accessories you want to store. The higher you hang the carabiner, the longer the chain you can attach to it, thus the more storage space you will have.

If you have a baby stroller with you, but still feel the need to do some shopping while you’re out with your baby, simply hang a carabiner to the stroller and it will hold a ton of your shopping bags, keeping your hands free. It’s also useful if you’re carrying a backpack – simply attach a carabiner and then hang all your shopping bags there.

Carabiners have a tremendous number of uses around the house (and outside, as well). You can use them to hang bird feeders and water recipients for your small feathered friends, you can hang plant pots, hang water buckets for your cows or horses, hold signs on your gate/fence and many others.

If you are ever in need of holding electrical cords together or you just want to hang them somewhere and get them out of the way, simply use a carabiner!

It also makes for a great item when you are walking your dog. By attaching a rope to a carabiner, you can create your own dog leash. You can also use it to keep several dog leashes together, in case you have to walk more than one dog.

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