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Deal & Guide is an enthusiastic idea to collect and present most popular deals with most visited sites over the internet. We have team of experts behind D&G.

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We have gathered different peoples from different industries and bunch them all at D&G. We have intellectual minds to serve you at your best. We provide original, unique and high quality writings to overcome your difficulties. Online services are considered to be superior services around the world. We, by our selves deal with different online deals and services , experience them, use them and then present it at its best , step by step, detailed, valuable and quality guidance to make you easier in every click.

We provide you best resource against each post, so that you can get best by having stakeholders and advertisers at your door step.

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We are trusted for high, unique, detailed, yet enthusiastic contents – Give you a better communication and better world.

We are trusted for personal experiences and enrich knowledge in every fields of internet to serve you in a unique and easy way.

Our key is Knowledge – Testing – Experience – Interviews -Fellowship – Conclusion-  Recommendation

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