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There is a basic premise that underlines the social thread of ‘mature’ societies, this success can be expressed in the following line – I am my brother’s keeper. Being your brother’s keeper in the modern world is best exemplified by the concept that is social security safety nets.  There are a number of social security benefits, but the catch all term that is used in most domiciles is the term welfare benefits.

A social security safety net is a mechanism where the society basically ensures that part of its wealth is used to give the life of poverty stricken individuals in that community some degree of comfort. The comfort being referred to here is making provisions for these individuals in such a fashion that they get to maintain their human dignity. These provisions can be made in cash or kind, but in a case that where you have a scenario where it is the state that is channeling this aid, then the provisions are made in cash. Obviously, the rigmarole that goes with dispensing cash benefits comes with its unique set of challenges; it is for this reason that most legal jurisdictions have incorporated an ingenious Security E- card. The  finer workings of this Security E- card will be explained later in the article , below however is a guideline on how you can access this security  e –card.

Guidelines On How To Access A Security E-Card Online

  • Right from the outset, there are two things that you will be required to have – a computer that is connected to the internet, and second the 16 digits of your Security E-card;
  • Log on to the official login website of the Security E-card at  and key in the 16 digits of the card to facilitate online transactions with the social security system of your domicile;
  • Once you are in the online portal, you get the go ahead to manage every aspect of your account. If you have any queries or troubleshooting issues with regard to accessing your account, then you can follow up your queries on the following hyper link –

The advantages that come with accessing your social benefits via the online route are a myriad – you get to cut on the time that you might have otherwise spent lining up in some state bureau; similarly, it cuts on the trail of cumbersome paper work involved; and lastly, there is an added security layer that is normally present when the IT component is thrown into the entire mix.


The security e- card option comes with a number of advantages, advantages that are strong on matters regarding efficiency and effectiveness. Getting this card has a myriad of advantages that spill over to both you and the state. Visit your state social security department and access your security e- card and get on to the online platform that promises to protect your dignity as well as ensure that your benefit are processed as expediently as possible, check out the online portal today.

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