Activate Poptropica Prepaid Gaming Gift Cards

Matters gaming are always close to the heart of many children today. If you want to put a smile on the face of a child, you can bet that a game could just about do the trick. Matters gaming are what this article will focus upon – specifically on the game Poptropica.

A definition of what this game is all about is in order for those individuals who might be new to the world of gaming. Poptropica is an online game that is targeted at players who are aged between 6 -15. The play mode varies between the single player option as well as the multiple player option. The character(s) in the game are basically avatars that are crafted by the player. It is important to note that players do not use their real names, but instead a name list is generated by the gamers based on interplay of nouns and adjectives that the players use.

The Plot Of The Game:

Players will basically be given challenges to compete at every stage; every stage in this case refers to the islands (and there are 30 of them) that the gamers travel through. A successful sojourn to an island earns the gamer a medallion and 50 points that can be redeemed at the Pop Tropicana store.

All the above facts point to a game that poses a good challenge to the mind, a game that assures the gamer safety in the online world, a game that you need to get some child that is dear to your heart. How do you go about this you might ask? – the answer lies in a single statement: Activate Poptropica pre-paid gaming gift cards. This three step process is explained below.

  • Foremost you will need to log onto the link; on the official web page of the gamer you need to click on the membership icon, and doing so ensures that you have an account as well as membership – membership comes in tranches of three months with each tranche costing you $3.
  • If you have an account or have activated one, then proceed to the merchandise tag, and click the game cards hyper link, this is the first step in activating your game card.
  • You will need to enter your user name and password;
  • You click on the redeem button and the pre paid $ 10 card is redeemable for membership to the site or for purchases within the credit store.

Once activated, this card guarantees direct access to new islands, while those members who opt for the credit option can redeem them for costumes as well as gold cards on the pop Tropicana store. Gold cards come with the advantage of allowing the player customize their pop Tropicana.

This is a game that comes with an assurance to the parent that the child is kept mentally alert on account of the challenges that keep the brain engaged. This is a game that also assures the parent that their child is playing in a safe environment online. The card is definitely worth redeeming.

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