Approach Air Canada To Get Check In Details

It happens mostly with people that their flights due to one reason or the other get late. It becomes very much difficult for people to investigate about the new timings and dates for their flight. Now after seeing such problems among people companies have introduced the facility of checking in through which they can come to know about their flights. They can easily see the details about their flights online while sitting in their homes or offices. For checking only a few minutes will be required and all the details will be shown to the respective person.


  • Visit the website of air Canada which is . Make sure that before opening the site you have your internet connected so that no problems are faced by you.
  • On the page choose the language and select the regional site by drop down menu and click on the link “Go”
  • Once it is opened, you can click on their option of flights ‘check in’.
  • You will be required to give them some of the information like they will ask you first name and last name.
  • After this tell them about your departure city. You can either enter Airport, city or country name.
  • You also need to provide either airplane number or booking reference number for our identification.
  • They will check all these details and will display all the information with the names that will match your name.
  • You can see that entire list and click on your own name.
  • After that, you will get to see all the details about your flight in the next page.
  • If you want to change your dates at this point, they will not allow you so after seeing your details you should sign-out from their website and close the window.


Air Canada’s facility of checking in your flights is very convenient for people. In just few minute you can get to see the complete information about your flight and its details. There will be no charges for this activity. It is entirely free.

About Company:

Air Canada is a traveling company through which people can easily book flights. They can even manage all the booking details and offer special offers to their customers. They serve in many of the areas. All the information and services are provided to people by them. They offer various types of trips and flights to their customers.

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