Order American E-Gift Card Online

The gift cards presented by this bank is a prepaid card in which a specific amount is filled is added to the card and it is used for shopping purpose on different stores of United States. Once the money of your card is finished you cannot redeem it and you also cannot transfer your card, it is safer in a way that if it is lost and still had some money in it then your money can be refunded by the bank. It provides you the opportunity to have some additional online services.

You are saved from the tension to visit the bank branch in person by these online services that are accessible in less time and more rapidly. You can check the balance of your card and also its history any where you want without any restriction of time. Do not hesitate in getting all these online services as they are offered for your convenience and ease.


  • To order a gift card online get the following website www.americanexpress.com/gift-cards .
  • Different cards are given along with their description choose e-gift cards.
  • There is an option “order now” below the card, hit it.
  • Type your first name, last name, email and phone number in the related fields.
  • Enter the value of the card you want to order.
  • If you want to enter your message for the one you are sending the card then type it in the fields given for it.
  • Type and promotional code, both of these options are upon your choice either to avail or not.
  • Click on “continue” to proceed.
  • There are three steps toward it, complete it and your card is activated.


The activation of e-Gift card online can lessen your work to go out to the bank branch and go through the process of waiting. It is easy and you are not needed to wait for anything instead the page of the website to be opened. Once you have accessed the website the remaining task is easy.

About Card Service:

It is officially known as American Express Company and the abbreviation used for it is AmEx. It has been working in United States from over 160 years and giving the customers best services related to finances and business fields. The range of money on credit cards issued by it is greater than the credit cards issued by other banks.

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