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If there is a television network that specializes in how to archive careers & achievements in the sports world, it has got to be ESPN. This is the one place you can be sure to get all day everyday sports coverage. ESPN has been operational for over 30 years. It all started as an idea that belonged to Bill Rasmussen and at that time it was rather absurd. However, this did not stop him from pioneering the industry. Bill Rasmussen launched the very first 24/7 sports coverage network three decades ago and today ESPN is the leading multimedia sports network and it televises not less than sixty five sports in over two hundred countries worldwide.

About ESPN

ESPN is a universal American cable TV network. It focuses 100% on broadcasting live or recorded programming related to sports. ESPN (Entertainment and Sport Programming Network) was founded over 30 years ago by bill Rasmussen, Scott Rasmussen as well as Ed Eagan, then an Aetna insurance agent. Currently, ESPN broadcasts from Bristol, Connecticut. The company has offices in New York, Miami, Charlotte, Seattle as well as Los Angeles.

Careers at ESPN

If you have always wanted to work with a company that archives careers and achievements for sports stars, then you can apply for a vacant post at ESPN. The company has always encouraged candidates who qualify to apply for jobs at ESPN. All one has to do is post their resume on ESPN website for consideration. If you meet the job title requirement, you will be contacted for an interview.

ESPN’s diversity   

ESPN launched the ERGs (eight employee resource groups). This was formed to effectively cater for young individuals, Asians, women, Latinos, families, disabled persons, African Americans and employees from all walks of life. ERGs focus is driven towards educating as well as promoting diversity and networking and learning from one another. This program is aimed at expanding skills, widening the jobs recruiting base, enhancing the value of ESPN, reaching for resources that are under utilized as well as building on retention initiatives.

ERGs are great resources that aid ESPN in investing and developing their employees. Those who participate in the group are offered responsibilities geared towards driving initiatives and processes that are essential for the evolution of the company to becoming a diverse workforce.

Working at ESPN

If you believe you have what it takes to work with ESPN, all you have to do is drop your resume. At ESPN everyone is bound to be a success. ESPN has a culture that brings forth talent. You will have your talents tested and performance enhanced and you ultimately extend your skills boundaries. At ESPN, you will ultimately become more confident, proud and become better at what you do best. Walt Disney, a parent company of ESPN was ranked amongst the top placed to get ahead in your career. The same company was ranked top 15 in terms of offering internship opportunities. Go ahead; post your resume for an exciting career at ESPN.

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