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Babybottle pops are the creation of the Topps created in 1998 and they are a brand of lollipops designed in a style especially for babies but the most admirable fact about them is their advertisement tool. The babybottle pop website to play games which has forced the adults to use the cheat codes and in the end to give up their tactics and buy the babybottle pop item to get the real code. Babybottle pops come in different flavors like orange, apple, banana, strawberry, watermelon, ghost rust and blue berry. The flavored powder is inside the bottle while there is a candy on the bottle and the complete design is just like a baby’s milk feeder or bottle. To promote the product further the candy comes with codes inside and these codes are one time type code only and are used to register the members on the babybottle pop gaming website. There are candy RattlerZ with a “Backstage pass” inside and they also contain these codes to get into more private areas of the website or to download its mp3 tones. You can tell by their packaging that there is a code inside them.

Why Are The Cheats For Babybottle Pops So Popular?

Gaming Website:

There is a gaming website available for the candy users to buy the candy more and more because there are hidden codes inside the candy to prevail in the website deeper and deeper.

1-      Go to the website of

2-      Click on “Do you have a Code?” if you have bought a babybottle pop and have found a code otherwise if you have got it from the internet then be sure that it will not work because the codes work only one time and that code would be most probably a used one.

3-      Click on “Register” or ‘Sign up” after entering the code.

4-      Now start customizing your avatar according to your choice with different tools and accessories.

5-      Find more codes inside the pops and you will be permitted into more private areas of the website and you will be able to download the mp3 tunes from the website.

Cheats Failure Reason:

The reason due to which the cheat codes of the babybottle pop gaming sites fail to work is because these codes can only be used for one time which can be possible only by one person who enters the code first.

1-      Passing the codes is completely useless.

2-      The codes present on the internet are already used by the person who has uploaded them.

3-      Making your own code will only be a waste of your time since the codes are a combination of numbers and alphabets both and it’s impossible to figure them out especially a new code.

What Are The Types Of Babybottle Pops?

1-      Original babybottle pop.

2-      Crunch babybottle pop.

3-      2D Max babybottle pop.

4-      Candy rattlerZ.

What Is The Format Of Babybottle Gaming Website?

The site is completely made up of games played by baby icons and the player can select a baby girl or a baby boy as an avatar before playing the game. One can also play as a guest in the website if he does not possesses any code but the player with codes enjoy a lot more facilities then the guest player.

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