Win $1000 By Bargain Shop Listens Survey

Bargain shop originated in late 1990’s as the US retail chain Woolworth’s divested its general merchandise section. The management buyout was successful and the Canadian company started serving in the retail industry under its newly incorporated name through its no frills and value for money policies.

About Survey

Bargain shop listens is a survey designed to collect the customer experience, good or bad, about shopping at bargain shop. The survey takes only a few minutes to complete. The company offers two rewards to those who enter the survey

  1. A 10 percent off the next purchase for all participants in electronic survey.
  2. Daily chance to win an i-pod instantly or convert this into an apple gift card.
  3. A chance to win one out of ten cash prize of 1000 through sweepstakes in one of the following currencies
    •  Euro, USD or GBP


The survey is open to all Canadian national who get invited through the printed survey code at their receipt. To take the survey following requirements must be fulfilled.

  1. Browser preferences are opera and safari for Apple computers and; Firefox, internet explorer 5 or 6, Chrome and Netscape for windows operating system.
  2. Browser settings; Cookies and java script is enabled must be enabled, Pop ups are disabled,
  3. If you have ZoneAlarm installed on the PC, disable it.
  4. A high speed internet connection is better. Low speed connection like 56 k dial-up-modems will be slow and take longer to load due to graphical content on the survey page.

Step Guide

The purchase receipt of the bargain shop has a survey code printed on it in the format xxxx-x-xxx-xxxx. To enter the survey, follow the steps below

  1. Go to and enter use the 12 digit survey code from the receipt.
  2. Now go on to answer the questions carefully as honestly as possible. Bargain shop seeks opinions and suggestions and not approvals and applauds, through its survey.
  3. Official Rules:
  4. At the end provide your contact details for communication and dispatch of your winnings through the survey entry.


Enter the online survey on and win fabulous prizes only by providing feedback to Bargain shop. If you had a problem that was unresolved or you found something interesting somewhere else that you want Bargain shop to provide fro you tell it through this online survey. Bargain shop listens all your suggestions and rewards you for being a contributor to its success.

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