Become A Member: Guide To Wal-Mart Photo

When one speaks of photos, there is one word that captures their timeless essence – A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, a photo can freeze a moment in time and space, moments that will be cherished for life.

Wal-Mart wants to help you capture these special moments in your life via the Wal-Mart Photo portal. What is the Wal-Mart Photo portal? The Wal-Mart Photo portal is an online portal provided by the retailer for those who wish to have a photo bank of sorts, or to print out their digital photos, or even to basically just share their photos online. Similarly, this portal acts as a link between a client and a vendor-Wal-Mart- with regard to designing photo books, printing, and even designing gift packages for a wide range of clients. The beauty of all this is that this service(s) is offered courtesy of free membership.

Guideline To Uploading Your Photos On The Wal-Mart Photo Portal:

Some of the benefits that free membership confers upon the user are as follows – an unlimited storage space for member’s photos;  an access to prints, and gifts in some 3,700 plus locations all over the USA, free shipping of products to your home or business site. Before you partake in these goodies however you will need to first sign up as a member, the sign up process resembles something as such:

  • You first need to visit the official website that is provided –;
  • On the main menu click on the Create an Account option link;
  • The registration process is quiet straight forward – you need only give your name, an e-mail address, and lastly a password. Click on the register button, and in one fell swoop you are a newly minted member. Welcome onboard!

Having an online account gives you a number of benefits; some of these benefits are listed below:

  • The account holder has easy access to and this gives them an easy time to set up a wish list, possibly to view their orders online, and more;
  • The account has the capacity to allow for mobile phone uploads where you upload digital photos from your camera phone, PC, or mobile device;
  • You get to store developed pictures online which facilitates online sharing, and viewing;
  • Last but not least you are equipped with a number of free editing tools at your disposal and this should ideally make for a rich experience in so far as matters pertaining to photography are concerned.


The Wal-Mart photo center has been described as being a home of digital photo printing, sharing photos as well as a vending site for in excess of hundred personalized photo gifts. It takes no more than one hour to basically get photo prints (digital), and these photos are freely shipped to Wal-Mart from website to store. You can make use of your digital photos to come up with your custom photo books, calendars, mugs, and photo gifts. Get registered today, and take advantage of this great offer. Get onboard.

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