Best Buy Credit Card Reviews

It is normal for shoppers to spend hours in a best buy store and it is quite easy to be sidetracked in this store. This is because you get the very latest gadgetry such that you are spoilt for choice. When you shop at these stores, one of the questions you will be asked is whether you are interested in applying for a best buy credit card. Like any other credit card, the best buy credit card has its strong and weak points. It is therefore important to learn of the types of credit cards offered by best buy to be I position to apply for the most appropriate card for you.

About the best buy stores

Best buy is a leading retailer of electronics, entertainment software, home/office products and appliances among other services. The best buy stores are open in all the major towns and cities. The best buy credit card is offered by HSBC bank in Nevada for best buy clients. As a cardholder, there are many advantages of having this card. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reward zone points program.
  • Finance offers.
  • Account management (Online).

The best buy credit cards can be used to purchase items online or in offline stores in America and other few states in the world. The best buy stores became operational in 1966 and currently operate in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico and china. The types of products to get from these stores include telephones, computers, accessories and so much more.

Types of best buy credit cards

The reward zone best buy MasterCard

This type of credit card is issued via the HSBC bank. You can apply for this card in any best buy store or online. This card comes with zero annual fees and the account can be managed online. This card also allows the user to earn points as they shop from any store. This card can be used anywhere that master cards are accepted. You should expect at least a 3% fee for foreign transactions as well as an APR of not less than 21.74%.

The reward zone best buy credit card

This is a charge card that is used in the best buy stores. This card can be used to make purchases in either the online or offline stores. A cardholder with this card is entitled to a number of exclusive discounts, promos, and financing offers. This card allows the user to earn points and it comes with an APR between 25.24% and 27.99%.

The reward program  

The two types of credit cards from best buy come with reward programs. Basically, a user earns 2 points for a dollar spent on purchases in any best buy stores; both online and offline. The MasterCard version allows the user to earn one point for spending a dollar on either grocery or eligible dining.


It is important to know that your credit worthiness determines the APR rate and fees on your card. Before applying, it is essential to ensure that you have a good credit score.  There are numerous client reviews on these credit cards. To read more on the best buy credit card, you can go to

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