Get Online BOE Account Registration As An e-Client

For getting your self registered as e client at Board of Equalization organization, follow the steps listed below.


  • If you are interested in becoming e client at Board of Equalization California then you must go through the registration process by visiting this link with your internet access. This is a direct link. You can also go to the official web site of the company and at the home page you can to the link given in the form of register as an e client.
  • Before staring the registration process you must make sure that you have an account number with you which will be asked to enter in the processing of registration for becoming e client on the web site.
  • Besides account number, you will also have express log in number with you as well which is also necessary for registration process. If you do not have these numbers with you then you can make a request to get these requirements from the company. You will be given both of these numbers as soon so that you can proceed for the registration. Of you fail to get these numbers, and then you can not get the registration process to be started.
  • After entering to the above page, you can see the requirements to be filled which are given by the company on their web site. These fields are necessary to be entered completely for getting registered as e client for the company.
  • In the first field, you will be asked to give the account number. Enter that account number in the field. You must be careful about the format given by the company to enter the number which is given by its side.
  • After this you will have to enter the name of the member for which the account registration is being done as an e client. Give the proper name in the given field.
  • In the next field below, enter your express Log in code. This will be given to you by the company and you are required to give the correct number. Also the express Log in code format and its type is given which you will need to follow.
  • For submitting this information, click on the “Continue” button below. After this you will be given other information to be filled. Compete the registration process accurately and have e client provisions by signing in with your account.

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