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Booking flights entails buying airplane tickets, which can be an expensive hassle that come with other cost, Inclusive of checked baggage fees, meals and small shopping’s done on board. Thus buying tickets at a cheaper price helps you cut on the extra charges that are involved. You can book cheap flights at Travelocity to achieve this. Before booking a flight, you could do with some tips.

Tips And Warnings

1)      Stay flexible when setting travel dates. This allows you to get to know the time of the cheapest flights.

2)      Buy the tickets in advance, at least two weeks earlier to avoid any inconveniences.

3)      Assume you know nothing about cheap fares. It is believed that services on cheap flights are of low quality, however that’s not true. There is little difference between cheap flight services and the expensive ones.

4)      Most of the time people tend to travel over the weekends hence the fares are a little expensive then. It would be wise to schedule a weekday flight since they are cheaper

5)      Insist on round trip prices. You actually pay less by booking a round trip flight.

6)      Avoid travelling on holidays. Many people will choose to fly a day before that big day and return a day after; avoid this.

7)       Also, avoid cancelling flights through a third party like travel agents as this makes it more challenging than doing it through the airline.

Things You Need;

1)      A credit card

2)      Internet access

3)      Traveler’s personal data

How To Book A Flight At Travelocity

1)      Gather flight information such as destinations, birthdays and names of passengers.

2)      Visit Travelocity website and sign up for a new account, it would be better to use a simple name and password that you can easily remember. To do this you just have to click on

3)       You can locate flights using destinations, dates of travel, list of passengers and so on.

4)      Travelocity normally sorts results by rates, but you can always sort them by preference. You could also sort the same by airline, departure/arrival time or simply total travel time. In order to do this, you simply click on the column that you feel has the factor most essential to you.

5)      Compare options and keep them in mind when making final decisions.

6)      If doing a roundtrip, it would be advisable to choose a return flight.

7)      Revise your travel summary and correct any errors. After this, you can agree to Travelocity’s policies, rules and regulations. Sometimes you could also be offered the privilege of choosing preferences.

8)      Then, you are required to enter your credit card details which should be done with much care to avoid any inaccuracies that may cause cancellation to your reservation and delay your trip.

9) Lastly, you need to confirm the purchase and ensure that you have made successful payment.

Why book a flight with Travelocity? You do not have to stress over escalating fares by other agencies and it is fast and convenient. By booking with Travelocity, you also enjoy great deals that’s you can only imagine. You not only enjoy discounted fares , but you also enjoy well maintained hotel rooms, affordable taxi fares on arrival to your destination.

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