Canada 411 Gives You Opportunity To Search People Online

Sometimes you want to meet people with whom you have lost touch from a long time and you don’t even have the complete information regarding their residence so that you can plan to give a visit to them. It can also be the case that you want to know the identity of a person through their phone number which is disturbing or bothering you but you don’t know that who is the person behind it.

How To Find?

  • Click on the website and then click on the option “Person” presents on the homepage.
    • You will be directed to a new page where you will have to provide two basic pieces of information.
    • You will have to provide the name of the person along with the name of the country or area where the person lives in.
    • You can also find the person by providing his phone number and then click on the option “find person”
    • In the next page you will get the options or the search results.
    • You can look at them all and then select the result which you require.
    • Now you can also get the directions of the person’s location by clicking on the map provided on the right side.
    • Once you are done you can click out of the page.


Now you don’t have to go to any interrogation office or you don’t have to file any complain in order to find a person’s identity or location. It is quick and very much convenient. You don’t have to provide much information and just have to provide a few which is essential. You can also get the exact directions through the mapping application. You can take a look at all the search results without any hurry.

About Company:

The canada411 is an online helpline for the people of Canada. People need a program or website from where they can get the information regarding the person whom they want to find. The website also provides the information about any person whose identity is supposed to be interrogated due to some reason. There are many other search tools of various kinds to help people to search with the kind of information they have regarding the person who is to be searched. It can be some kind of address, name or even phone number. The only limitation is that the information should not be misused.

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