Apply Canadian Tire Master Card For Money Reward

Company has introduced a loyalty program known as Canadian tire money. It contains some coupons that are similar to the real currency notes but these are only used in the store. These coupons are printed on paper so it seems just as the real currency notes. The company hires the printing companies that are secured and are well established in the country. Many of the businesses also accept these coupons as they shop at its store. You have to apply for a master card. The process for applying is simple and quite easy. Now this opportunity is available online.

The process through which you can access the credit card services easily is the online process. You just have to perform few steps and the rest is done itself.


  • To get access to credit card services visit .
  • On the home page scroll down the page and click on “Credit Card” option down the page.
  • Select the option “apply now” from the tab.
  • On the next page there are four blocks given for different offers.
  • Click on the black colored bar given under the heading “credit cards”.
  • Click on the first option that is “Options MasterCard” to earn the Money rewards.
  • You will be given all the details about the card next.
  • Click on the red colored button “apply now” after reading about it.
  • There are total three steps for this, in the first you have to give promo code and province.
  • Click on “start application”, button.
  • The second step contains a form asking for your personal information including your address, name, email etc.
  • Enter “Social insurance Number” and the “Address”.
  • Enter “Employment and Financial Information” option, and select the given option about “Earn Reward”.
  • Full and final detail to choose the language here.
  • Accept term and condition and submit it.
  • In the third step you will be shown the confirmation of your application.
  • Within 10 business days you will receive the approval of your application.


You can redeem all the Money awards present on the card anytime and at any store. It is quite beneficial for you as you can make saving using this card. Along with all the facilities, the process to apply is easy and simple that you can understand it.

About Company:

This is intermingled business established in 1922 providing financial services, petroleum, apparel, hard goods and automotive services to its customers. In the list of public traded companies of Canada it is on the 60th number.

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