Join Chapter Canada To Enjoy Infinite Plum Rewards

Every passing day it is seen that every company launches its different unique programs to grab the attention of their customers. Few of them launch gift cards, gift certificates and some of them go for the option of rewards. Now it has introduced a new program for their customers which are known by the name of plum reward. By introducing such type of rewards they have successfully grabbed the attention of many of the people. For getting these rewards one need to have an internet connection and then can easily start the whole process.


  • Visit the website to get Plum rewards which is .
  • Scroll down page just top of the addition link you will find the option for Plum Rewards click on “Learn More”
  • Over there just below the page that will appear, you will see an option of ‘Join Now’. Under this option various other options would appear and you have to select plum rewards from those options.
  • After this, a new page will appear in which you will be asked whether you are registered member on their website or unregistered member. Being an unregistered member you need to click on the option of ‘create an account’.
  • For creating a new account, firstly you need to give them all your basic information such as your first name, , last name,  and email address.
  • Create password for your account on the next page, Accept terms and condition and then enter security questions and then click on “Save and Continue”.
  • After getting account information go for applying reward program and then finish the process.


Through the company’s plum rewards you can earn great many points. You will get discount on every purchase from their shop like books. The more shopping you will do on their shop, more points you will get.

About Company:

This is an online bookstore where you will get to enjoy all sorts of books. Also one gets to buy the used books on their website. Headquarter of this company is located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. They established their business in the year 1996. On their store chain, one can also find music, toys and various gifts.

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