Check Who’s Searching For You With Mylife.Com

Millions of people log into social network to meet up and connect to friend, families, relatives and loved ones. My ( is an American social networking site that was launched in 2002 to aid reunion of people who lost touch in the real life.

What Is Reverse Search Concept?

There are many social networks in the market each offering services for a different Niche of customer segment base on age group, ethnographic origins, nature of relationship like official or personal stands different among other social networking giants as it offers its members a unique feature that none other is offering- A reverse search-. Sound interesting doesn’t it. The concept is to allow users to search people on the network who searched them using the This way after immediately joining the website you can have a handful of friend’s suggestions without having to follow any long codes or downloading any application.


  1. For registration as a member all you need is a web enabled device and internet connection.
  2. To conduct search or reverse search you should
    1. Possess basic information of the person you are searching for.
    2. Limited access membership of the Mylife site the basic free version at the least.
    3. To send message, contact information or view profile you need an upgrade to premium monthly or annual plan.

Step By Step Guide

  1. To join for free go to site and enter first and last name, email address , zip/postal codes and gender . Additionally please specify maiden name if you are a female.
  2. Log in to the site through the Member Log in green button using your email address and password.
  3. If you forget password at anytime you can

i.      Follow the” I forgot password” link at the account login page.

ii.      Confirm your account through the confirmation mail sent to your email address. If you do not receive the mail check junk or spam folder.

iii.      Login through the automatically set password and change it to one of your own choice.

  1. To search for someone on the site you should know basic information like first name, last name, location and age of the person you are searching for.
  2. Also you have to provide reason of searching e.g. family ties, class fellows, co workers, old friends, or merely contact info.
  3. To search for people who searched for you need to provide the same details as above for yourself including your zip code.
  4. R-enter your email address at the search result pop up screen to continue receiving notification of people searching for you.


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