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The Chicago tribune is always seeking to employ professionals to fill the vacant ranks. Currently, the newspaper has over 14,000 employees in the United States and other positions worldwide. At the Chicago tribune, you can get opportunities in broadcast, publishing, reporting, entertainment and internet operations, and even production. If you are interested in working for the Chicago tribune, you can explore the vacancies the tribune has on its career page on the newspaper’s website.

About The Chicago Tribune

The Chicago tribune, a leading newspaper is based in Chicago, Illinois. It is a publication of the Tribune Company. The Chicago tribune is the most read daily newspaper in Chicago and the Great Lake area. It is the 8th largest circulating newspaper in the USA. The tribune was created by John E Wheeler, James Kelly and Joseph K.C Forrest. The very first edition was published in the year 1897 in June.

In 2012 February, the newspaper shrunk the width of the newspaper by one inch. The company fired some of its key employees in 2011 and this mainly affected reporters and editors. The Chicago tribune has a stout belief in traditional principles to offer maximum individual responsibility, limited government, opportunity and enterprise, as well as least restriction to individual liberty. The newspaper also believes in free will, freedom of expression and free markets.

The tribune company, the founding company of the Chicago tribune, governs multiple newspapers as well as TV stations in Chicago. It owns the LA times which is the company’s largest asset. In the past, Tribune Company has owned numerous newspaper companies like the New York daily news and the Newsday which it has since sold to different companies.

How To Apply For A Job At The Tribune

To be able to apply for a position at the Chicago tribune, you must first register at the Chicago tribune website. Signing up is fairly easy and there are numerous benefits for signing up. Some of the benefits include:

  • Complete access to daily newspaper, audio clips, photos, as well as video stories and multimedia stories.
  • You can engage in online commentary with the tribune editors, informed citizens and bloggers.
  • You enjoy customized news delivery via email alerts, RSS subscriptions and newsletters.
  • Special offers to new members

To sign up:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on become a member.
  • On the right hand side, there is the not yet registered segment, click on sign up.
  • Remember to enter your ZIP code first.
  • You will be redirected to another page where you will select the option of membership.
  • You can choose between two types; the digitalLite member and the digitalPlus member.
  • Click on submit.

Once registered for the Chicago tribune, you can now log in with your email address and navigate to the careers section for vacancies at the Chicago tribune. Look through the job listing and select your preferred fiend and apply. You will be required to upload your CV for verification. Once you apply, you have to wait until they communicate via your email address.

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