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The distinctive hallmark of Christian Louboutin is without a shadow of doubt the red soles of their shoes. However, Christian Louboutin has more products to offer outside their red soled shoes. Some of these products will be highlighted below.

Christian Louboutin is a French label that is named after its founder. The brand specializes in the designing of bags and shoes. The brand traces its inception back to the year 1991. The label has plans to open a men’s store in New York this spring; Christian Louboutin has a workforce that numbers 400, and has stores in the US, Europe and parts of Asia. To counter the fakes and bootlegs that were selling online under the brand name, the design house has begun selling some of their products online via their official website. Christian Louboutin sells its products via high end stores and online via Net-A-porter and Outnet in the UK.

To register and subscribe to what is new in the Christian Louboutin label you will need to register with the online store of the designer. This is how to go about it:

  • Log on to the online portal – Net- A-porter via the following link: Christian Louboutin.  
  • The web page has a link for those who want to sign up for updates on the latest news in the world of Christian Louboutin, and this, when clicked, will unveil an ‘application form’ where you insert your details and sign up to receive updates;
  • After you successfully sign up you will be offered a password, and every time you log in, you’ll get the latest in the world of fashion as well as Christian Louboutin.

If you were to sign up today some of the products that you would find on offer are the following:


  • Pigalle 100 Patent leather pumps, they retail for the price of £  321 ;
  • The Particule 100 Leopard print calf hair pumps that retail for the price of £ 408;
  • The Lipsinka 120 pin heeled python pumps that retail for the price of £ 667.


  • Artemis feather shouldered bag – the feathers are on the shoulder of this bag and you will need to spare some £ 1,242 for its acquisition;
  • Sybil large Paris Tote bag; the bag has a black face with brown sides and you will need to set aside some £ 975 for its acquisition;
  • La Valliere Asymmetrical printed calf hair clutch, this bag retails for the price of £ 521.


  • Flavavec 120 Textured leather boots that retail for the price of £ 821
  • Egoutina 70 Spiked suede knee shoes, that retailing for the price of £762
  • Pouliche 70 fringed suede shoes that retail for the price of £1125

All the above products plus more can be yours today when you log on to the online shopping portal given herein: Shop Christian Louboutin.


Anyone who knows the world of fashion will definitely appreciate the fact that in so far as matters fashion is concerned Christian Louboutin definitely has the last word. The fact that you are reading the article is a testament to your good fashion sense.

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