Virginia’s Judicial System Letting Us To Pay Traffic Tickets Online

If you are driving on road and you have violated the traffic rules then the traffic police of that state will give a written legal notice to the driver immediately. The notice is also called traffic ticket or violation ticket that can also be delivered via mail with photo radar tickets. Usually traffic tickets are expensive and you got some driving points on your ticket. In case, if you broke the laws of traffic then you will lose your driving points and you have to pay for your ticket. If you got your traffic ticket in Virginia then you can pay your ticket online. Because traffic court offers online service to those who got traffic tickets on violating the rules. The court judge is responsible for criminal activity associated with your traffic ticket.

How to Pay?

  • If you don’ pay your traffic ticket then your driver license will be cancelled and you will lose all your driving points.
  • To pay the liabilities of traffic ticket online, you have to visit the authorized website of the Court that is “”.
  • The above step will leads you to the homepage. You will see that whole page is full of instructions that are related to the traffic ticket and its online payment. Click on “Online Services Tab” and choose the option ‘Pay Traffic Tickets and Other Offensive” by the submenu.
  • From those instructions you have to find the link of “General District Court Online Case Information System.”  And move on the next page where you have to enter security code and click on “Accept” button for agreeing with terms and condition of the company.
  • See the court tab and then select your court name.
  • You can search your court name with the reference of your name, case number or hearing number.
  • When you searched your court name and case then click on the option of “Make payment” which was written under the tab of action column.
  • Then make selection for the payment by marking the option into the payment section. Then click on the option of “process payment”. It means that how you will pay for your traffic ticket via credit card or debit card.
  • When you pay your payment then click on the option of “submit Payment”.
  • You can also take print of your receipt card for confirmation.


Once you pay for your traffic ticket then you will not lose your driving license and can also redeem your points as a penalty given by the court. On their online service you can check your driving points after your payment. You can also get penalty on your losing points by going to driving school of court.

About Court:

Virginia Judiciary System is a general court system. This court deals with family laws, criminal laws, traffic laws and administrative laws. This court is also known as Supreme Court of Appeals.

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