Dave Ramsey “Budgeting” Money Make Over

Budgeting has been found to be a problem to many individuals. Regardless of the terms of payment for any individual, it is important to stick to a plan otherwise you will find yourself in a mess when it comes to finances. For people who have no clue on the start or the end of budgeting, Dave Ramsey seeks to teach you how in his book titled ‘The Total Money Makeover’.

About Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a financial author, television personality, radio host as well as motivational speaker. All his writing and shows are solely focused on helping millions of Americans to get out of debt. His radio program the Dave Ramsey show, is aired by over 500 radio stations throughout USA and Canada. You can also get it on XM, Sirius satellite radio and in podcast. Dave Ramsey is the author of 4 New York Times bestsellers with most of his books being Christian based as a reflection of his religious beliefs.

 About the book ‘Total Money Make Over’

In this book, numerous stories of success speak for themselves. In the book, Dave Ramsey has taken a different approach from the normal doses of quick fixes to money issues. He offers readers a no-nonsense, bold and practical approach to matters concerning finances. He not only provides the how to guide, but also a firm and hopeful approach to crawling out of debt to achieve complete financial freedom.

In this book, Dave Ramsey exposes the many money myths. The reader will learn the dangers posed by rent to own, cash advances and the consolidation of debts. He also attacks the deceptions and misconception of the American dream. He perceives the American dream as a way to encourage accumulation of debt and overspending. “Do not even consider keeping up with the joneses, they’re broke” he says in his typical blunt style.  This book is not another theory novel; it has been proven to work every time. The reason it works is because it is simple and precise. It also works because it goes to the heart of the matter; money problems.

Recent reader reviews on the book        

Great book

“Great book… Dave Ramsey has a lot of good ideas plus a lot of success stories that are nothing short of great. This is why the book is such an interesting read.”

Great book

“A must read. An Inspirational and great book. Read the book a few years back and have since bought it for others.”

The total money makeover – a financial fitness proven plan

“Though not realistic to everyone, it is a very simple book.”

 Very good book

“Really liked the book; it has a simple to use plan I liked so much so that I bought the book for my family member who had financial issues and was living beyond their means.”

It is a total money makeover

Simply phenomenal! He is a great writer. Through the book, I and my husband are starting to straighten out our financial issues and I’m working on teaching our 13 year old the dangers posed by credit


Undoubtedly, Dave Ramsey has done an exceptional job with this book. Anyone in need of financial advice and help, the total money makeover is the book to read. It is an exceptional read for anyone interested in getting out of debt. You could get your copy today; for more you can click on Details.

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