DK Biography: Harry Houdini Review

Arguably, the greatest magician to ever straddle the North American continent is Harry Houdini. Born Ehrich Weiss, the son of European emigrants has a story that is riveting.

The escape artist takes the name Houdini after his hero Jean Eugene Roberts Houdini. The interesting part of his life story begins when the young Houdini leaves home at the age of 12 to go and work in a factory. Jaded by the numbing work of factory life, the young Houdini begins practicing coin tricks in his teenage years and thus his interest in the world of performing arts is piqued – and eventually takes off.

The DK biography series, whose titles are focused on the lives of historic figures, captures the life of this artist in over 100 photos that highlight several stages of his career. It is not all images though in the DK Biography: Harry Houdini; there is some text and of interest is the display of how at the infancy of this artist’s career he had to rely on hyperbole to attract audiences, later on when he achieved fame his posters were only labeled by his name to attract sold out theaters.

The DK series that specializes in producing biographies on some of the most captivating people in human history has recently released a new edition that touches on the life of Houdini; the question is does the book do justice to this famous performing artist?

DK Biography Of Harry Houdini Review

Below are comments from various reviewers on the biography of Houdini by the DK Biography series.

“Slim but back packed volume…a book that is a must have for elementary and business schools try to build up their biographical collection”: Elizabeth Maceod.

“A little book that packs a punch…the book is strong on facts and cuts down on the hyperbole associated with the career of this artist. An enjoyable good read”: Bobo.

A journey that passes through the beginnings of obscurity to the peak of fame and wealth…Houdini passed on in October 1926, in his wake he left a wife and the legacy that comes with being one of the greatest magicians of all time: Top 100 Amazon reviewer.

“Children will love the books for the tricks whilst the adults will appreciate the book for the history behind the tricks”: C.G

“A great review of the artist’s life, and the time that he lived through. Ideal for children between the ages of 10 – 15”: Aleksandra.

“A book that was bought for my nine year old, who really understood the book”: Will Bill.

“A book that is lavishly decorated by texts that can be enjoyed by both the young and the old”: C.M Mills 

“Strong on visuals, sketchy on text, that (sketchiness) can however be excused on account of the small size of the book, this book is a good introduction to Houdini”: ‘Perceptions’.

“The lessons herein are illuminating: ‘If you keep doing your best, someday you will be rewarded’. Houdini’s life is a personal inspiration to many a magician today …” Chris Vital.

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