Download And Enjoy The Economist On iPhone

The foremost economic publication, the Economist, is now available on digital platform. You can now access the Economist via your iphone. Downloading the application is absolutely free! For non subscribers of the publication, you get to access six must read articles that have been selected by the editor – and that is just the first of the goodies that the online application has to offer.

You tap into the online portal of the Economist by either being a fully paid up subscriber or a visitor to the online pages. To fully access the online edition however, you need to be a fully paid up member. Like the print edition of the Economist the online portal has articles in World Politics, Business and Finance, Science and Technology, Culture, and so on. To contribute to the blogs however, you need to sign up with the online edition of the paper. To take advantage of the offers above, you will need to download the application from the Apple application store.

Guide on how to download the Economist from the Apple iTunes store

  • Simply go to the iTunes store via the provided link: Economic Times;
  • Once you are in the iTunes store click on the iPad icon on the command panel;
  • You are ushered into a new vistas where a number of applications that run on the Apple application platform- the icon that you need to click on is the News stand and you will see a myriad of periodicals being offered;
  • Click on the periodical of your choice – in this case the Economist – you will then click on the download option, and instantly this application is downloaded to your application.

With the online application of the Economist, there are usually three trouble shooting issues that you have to constantly check against; these are listed below:

  • Foremost, is the possibility that in spite of downloading the application, the new issues do not appear. This could be traced down to a network connection – connect to either a 3G network or a different Wi-fi connection;
  • Second, the issue might appear but might not download – the issue can be rectified by aligning the date and time on your device to the applications date and time, or ensuring that your servers date and time is aligned to that of the publications server;
  • Lastly, you might not be able to download the entire audio edition. This is an issue that has been an apparent headache in the past few weeks, however it is a problem that has been traced to trouble shooting issues


The Economist has distinguished itself with its first rate journalism. The publication is spot on in the analysis of matters regarding economics, world politics, and science and technology. Similarly, to fully feel the pulse of the nation, you have a chance to sample some of the blogs that are rich in content, and provide refreshing views on the topical issues that are actually trending. Mull over the matters discussed here, and download this application on your iPhone.

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