Enroll To DRE California For e-Licensing Service

The account creation process at here is quite simple and contains following steps.


  • For getting e licensing you may first go through the entire registration process which is required by the company. As the registration process for e Licensing is online, so you must have to go to this link with your internet access dre.ca.gov
  • Go to the main tab and click on ‘e-Licensing’ from the home page to get this service here.
  • After you will go this page as a result of that link, you can see the Log in fields for entering “User Name” and “Password” in the fields which are for the registered users at the web site of the company.  If you are also one of them then you can use these fields for getting access to your online account by clicking on “Sign In” button.
  • If in case you do not have an account then you must have to complete the registration process conducted by the company. For this purpose click on the “Register” button which is present on the right side of Log in fields.
  • After clicking you will be given the first step of the registration process that is the terms and conditions applied by the company for their registered users. You will have to read the entire page and conditions carefully. After reading you will have to click on the button “I Accept” located at the end of the page.
  • After clicking this button, you will be given next page where you will be asked about the requirements from the company. Enter your “Social Security Number” in the first fields which are given. This number will be issued to you by the company. Enter the correct number with correct digits. In the field below on the same page, enter your “Date Of Birth”.
  • After entering these two fields, click on the button named as “Continue” present at the end of the fields so that you can move further.
  • At the next page, you will be asked to give your user name which you want for creation of online account on the web site. That user name must be in between 5 characters to 20 characters.
  • After this you will be needed to give your valid email ID is the next field. After you will have completed the entire form click on the “Continue” button and have your account.
  • For getting e licensing you will have to just simply go to the home page of the web site and click on this option to get sign in to your account.

About Company:

Company is one of the well known real estate companies. It is getting more popularity in all over the California by getting good response from the users of their services and reliability.

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