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The head quarter of the Dunkin Brands is in Canton, Massachusetts. It is completely known as Dunkin Brands Group Inc with several chains of fast food around the world. The Dunkin Donuts and the Baskin Robins are its subsidiaries and the company owners are the three partners Bain Capital, The Carlyle Group and Thomas. H. Lee. There are about 12000 international distribution centers that are Dunkin Brand affiliated. The Dunkin Brand is a very successful international brand and that is why the culture of their company should be followed by their each and every employ so that there are no chances of complains from the customers or from the management about them. That is why the Dunkin’s have arranged the online classes for their employs so that the mental caliber and the experienced knowledge can help the employs to become a much better member of the Dunkin’s then before.

About Dunkin Brands

The Dunkin Brands university is arranged and is specified only for the Dunkin Brands employs no matter in which subsidiary are they working it is available for all of them. It teaches them to increase the profit ability, the customer satisfaction, self improvement, teaches customer service, increases productivity, heighten the brand awareness and much more which all comes under their training opportunity which is provided to them at their workplace as workplace education.

How Do Dunkin Brands Give Workplace Training To Their Employs?

The training is just like an online university. When a person is employed by the Dunkin Brands he is given a code and then he can use the intranet access which is provided to them at their workplace and they can get this training as much as they want to until it is completed. It is completely e-learning, gaming and simulation to learn through high speed internet.

How To Begin Your Training In Dunkin Brands Online University?

The Dunkin Brands Online University is only for their employs and is limited for them and no one else is allowed access to the online training intranet.


1-      You must be a Dunkin Brands employ.

2-      You must have the password which would have been given to you when you were hired.

Steps to Begin:

1-      Go to the Dunkin Brands website.

2-      “Log in”.

3-      Read and understand the Terms of use agreement and accept it.

4-      Enter your ID and Password you have received.

5-      You will be given access to the internet.

6-      Now you can begin your training.

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