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Unemployment is the biggest issue of the present world and people are worried that how to earn for their lives. The government is responsible for the comfortable life of its people so the government of California is now providing a facility for its people to claim for unemployment benefits so that they could get benefits until they get a good job for their lives. It is easy to file your claim online at the website. You can also search for the suitable jobs at this site. It has some of the rules and regulations which you have to fulfill otherwise you may not get these benefits.

Availability of online process to file a claim is easy and quick and you can finish it just for 5 minutes.


  • To file your claim for benefits visit the following site .
  • You will be given the details at the very first opened page, read all these details and click on the button “continue” given at the end of the directions.
  • On the next page you will be given the instructions for the unemployment benefits with an acceptance statement at the end, tick the check box given with this statement that is “I have read all of the above information”. Click on the button “continue”.
  • You will be asked three questions related to your employment history, answer them in yes and no.
  • You will be directed according to your provided information.
  • Click on the button “continue”.
  • On the next page further questions are asked about your experience, answer them and click on “continue”.
  • You will be given your application form to fill.
  • Enter your social security number in the related fields.
  • Answer if you have used any other social security number and if the name you have provided is displayed on your social security card.
  • Enter claimant name, list of social security owner name list and Driver License Number and choose the language and click on “Next” button.
  • There are total 9 steps to complete this application.
  • Click on “next” button and follow the next given instructions to finish this process and all is done.


You can get unemployment benefits from the government if you are eligible. Check out your eligibility at the website and fill out the form with easy steps. You will be provided your benefits after the approval of your application.

About Company:

This is department created by the government of California to facilitate its people until they face the unemployment problems.

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