Signing Up For Phoenix E-Campus Workshops

Located in the state of Arizona, the University of Phoenix traces its roots back to the year 1976. The founder of this university is John Sperling. According to John Sperling, the goal of founding this university was to ensure that mature students had a place where they could continue their education in a place where more often than not they did not feel like second class citizens.  The first class that was held in the Phoenix Metropolitan area had eight students, but as the popularity of the University grew the population of the University similarly also grew and at the University populations stood at a whooping 600,000 students; that two years ago.

This University has 40 campuses that are spread out over the USA, Canada, Europe (the Netherlands); and South America (Chile and Mexico).The University offers both the traditional class centered module as well as the online module of learning that was first available to the public in the year 1989. Online matter and specifically signing up for phoenix e- campus workshops is the business that this article will dedicate itself to; the road you will need to travel on this route resembles something like this:

  • Log on to the e campus web page via the link that is provided herein: e-campus login. You will need to be registered to access the portal that is strictly for students and faculty;
  • Navigate through the two options that will suit you: Ongoing faculty development, and faculty development;
  • Click on the e-workshop registration website link;
  • Select the calendar month of the workshop that you are targeting;
  • Select the workshop that you are interested in from the drop down menu and hit “Go”;
  • Click the Register link. Now you have successfully registered for phoenix e-campus workshops

Phoenix University has an open enrollment policy that requires a high school diploma. The college offers for an advancement placement to those students that have a college credit , as well as those who have work experience as well as seminar learning – for one to qualify for all these however they will have to pass the prior learning assessment that they will be subjected to. This university that has an academic staff that numbers to 20,000; an administration staff that numbers to about12,000 staff; and 240 campuses that are spread out over the world is slated to close some 115 locations of its learning centers.

The University is accredited by several Admission boards as well as professional associations in North America. If you are looking for a University that offers degree programs – through seven colleges and two schools – continual educational courses, and professional development courses (offered to companies and military personnel) then University of Phoenix is the place that you must pay a visit. The e-workshop module of imbibing on knowledge is based ideal for those students who want to acquire knowledge in areas that simulate their interest. This thirst for knowledge is fully understood and Phoenix University will do everything within its abilities to provide you with that link.

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