Register To Fido Canada Account To Redeem Dollars Rewards

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Now you can redeem your dollars at Fido just by creating an account on the website of the company. The steps to create account are very simple and easy. You can do it by following the guide mentioned below so to make the procedure more quick and easy.


In order to get the account at the website of the company you need to make sure that you are already a customer of the company and are using its number currently.


  • You can access the website by the link
  • There at the website the first thing that you will see would be a box telling you to select your area/region where you are taking the network facilities from this site.
  • You will click on the region where you live and taking the network facilities.After that you will see the home page of the website.
  • At the home page you will click on the option MY ACCOUNT.
  • When you will click on it, another page would appear.
  • At this page you will see two kinds of options.
  • The first option that you would see would be for those customers who already have an account at the website.
  • You will go for the second option that will allow you to register with the website to create and account in order to redeem your Dollars.
  • You will enter the number of your mobile that you use and then click on the option CONTINUE.
  • When you have clicked on it a form would appear.
  • The form would be based on the provision of different type of information by you.
  • You will fill the form and submit it.


  • Read all the terms and conditions very carefully.
  • Give your authentic e-mail address.
  • You will be notified about your account through e-mail and on your number as well.
  • Enter all the details very carefully.
  • The procedure information would be kept safe and secure.
  • It would be used for informational and authentication purpose only.


  • The procedure is safe.
  • It is quick and reliable.
  • You can get help at any time you want.

About Company:

This is a company that is providing mobile network facilities to the customers of Canada. It is the largest growing network in Canada.

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