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Rony Kahan and Paul Forster founded in 2004 . It is a privately held company having organizational investment from giant corporations like, Union Square Venture and The New York Times. Indeed is an advertising network based on concept of pay for performance recruitment. The aim is facilitate the job applicants and employers worldwide through directing targeted job applicants to jobs in any sphere of professional activity.

About Indeed

Through its website, the company has launched the largest job metasearch engine worldwide. It has presence in 50I countries of the world and accessibility in 26 different languages. This engine combines the search results from various search engines, company websites and job boards into one single list, aggregates the results area wise, eliminates duplication and returns the most relevant results on screen.

The visitors can get comprehensive list of results. The service is completely free of charge to job seekers around the world. Entering simple terms or key words for a job category and desired location to work, in  the search bar will provide a comprehensive job listing from various search engines arranged in a proper order.

How To Find A Job Using Indeed.Com


  1. Access to the internet.
  2. Must possess vise in case you wish to apply for a job abroad.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Type www.indeed .com followed by your country code like if you are looking for a job in United Kingdom type in the address bar of your browser. You will land on the home page directly.
  2. Click “Preferences” on the upper right corner of the screen and choose your preferred display language, date of publication of job, search result page display and language.
  3. Type in the key word relevant to the type of job or designation or maybe industry. You can choose to use Boolean operators (AND OR etc) then;
  4. Key in the preferred area or location for your job search in the second search field.
  5. Refine search results through advance search option. Click the link to the right of the data entry box to make a company specific search or choose a limit on distance you are willing to commute for the job.
  6. Hit the button “Find Jobs.”
  7. Review the compiled list and identify results that you find relevant and interesting.
  8. If you selected “Open search results in a new browser window when I click on them” at the preference setting stage (Step2) then clicking on Find Job will take you to another page outside of the indeed domain. Otherwise the job’s original posting will appear in the same tab/ window of the browser.
  9. Read the list of jobs openings advertised on the second website and follow the instruction there to apply for the jobs.
  10. Take help from FAQ listed at the website as and when required.
  11. Find jobs on mobile:


If you are looking for a job in this slowly growing economy then remember that there are better tools than search engines with hundreds of thousands of new listings are added every week. The process is simple and convenient and also saves time.


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