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Dairy Queen is hiring, and for those who grew up watching Dennis the Menace or for those who have always wanted to work in the fast food industry opportunity beckons. Dennis the Menace might be missing in action(the trademark license that the International Dairy Queen ) had with the company that holds the rights of Dennis the menace ended in 2002, and the license is yet to be renewed).

From the time the first Dairy Queen restaurant opened its doors in the year 1940 (in Illinois, Chicago) the brand has expanded exponentially to the extent that at present there are 6,000 stores that are operating in the United States and Canada( in North America) and twenty other countries around the globe. The Dairy Queen brand is private entity and is one of the companies that are held by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

The gist of this article is on matters pertaining to jobs and specifically how you can join the team at   International Dairy Queen.

  • The first port of call is no doubt the FAQ page of this entity; the link of this entity is given herein: Dairy Queen.
  • The second port of call lies in you proceeding to the career board and checking the list of openings that are available; similarly you could click on the store locator link and find what stores are closest to you in your quest at an open job;
  • If you get a job that matches your profile, simply edit your profile and your details will be held in the database of International Dairy Queen. Your profile will be weighed against other applicants and if you are an attractive prospect, you will be called up for an interview. Job seekers should note that your profile will be maintained in IDQ’s database for purposes of future consideration where such opportunities arise.

This is the politics on how to get a job at Dairy Queen: By simply depositing your resume to the IDQ career profile portal (for those who are targeting executive positions) or by approaching the manager of a local Dairy Queen store with a request to offer your services if you are targeting a non executive position. There is a notion that there is no minimum age for those who work at Dairy Queen and this is a fallacy – typically our youngest workers will be teenagers and these persons are employed only during the school holidays too help them earn some pocket money.


At Dairy Queen, there is a career for virtually everyone. Whether you are a teenager who wants to get some pocket money during the holidays, or whether you are an individuals who wants to scale the professional ladder; Dairy Queen has an opportunity for all individuals. First rate employee benefits, the best practices in labor relations, and working with people from different walks of life are some of the colorful things that you will need to take away when you offer your services to this fast food brand. Try us out today.

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