Finding people, business and places at is an online service that offers users the chance to find places, people and even businesses located in any state. It is possible to browse the yellow pages in your home state and even the white pages when searching for people. also offers phone number look up service.

About is a telephone directory that is based online and is owned by AT& T. At, you can find directions and routes or unknown lands or you can look up an old friend. The website,, is quite simple and you will not have to worry about unwanted promo ad pop ups. Using this webpage is quite easy. The home page is easily navigable with only five categories; the yellow pages, the white pages, the zip code, the reverse lookup and the maps category. You will find all local businesses, maps, addresses and locations enlisted here.

How works

Clicking on one of the available icons will redirect the user to a new webpage. There is a basic information fill out form that you need to fill out. The information requested is the person’s name and area or location for you to get the desired results. When searching for a local business in the yellow pages, all one has to do is enter the business name and location to get results. gives the user ratings on the yellow pages and even features meant to save money, as well as video profiles among other features.

Searching for a business by telephone

If you want to search for a premise/business but you only have a telephone number, all you have to do is enter the phone number and you will get a filtered list of local businesses. The white pages can help you establish the person responsible for the prank calls you have been getting, if any.

Searching for a person by telephone number has been designed to make it possible for the user to trace a person by telephone number and name of city only. That is not all; you can even trace a long lost friend by name only. You can be sure that the information you get at is the latest as the content is updated every week.

Reverse lookup

If you find a missed call from an unknown number can help you find information on the number. You can even locate the original location of a call by searching on by zip code. Without a doubt, is easy to use; even a child can use it.

Going on holiday?

It is understandable to have a phobia for new people and places. With you can be sure that your next holiday will be a breeze. You will get complete maps of famous or not so famous holiday destinations with the click of a button. More so, this website will offer you info regarding the top places to visit in any city, telephone numbers to hotels and even route maps among other features. With, the last thing you can expect to feel while on holiday is a stranger in your destination.


There is no better way to find people, places or businesses than with Stay up to date with places and people. is one of the most ideal yellow pages and navigation sites.

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