How Rebate Status At Ford Can Be Checked Online

The company has launched its online website to give a chance to submit their rebate claims and also to check their status. After the customers have submitted their rebate claims online then they are given the notifications of rebate status through mails time by time. It usually takes 1 month and 2 weeks for the delivery of check after you have claimed your rebate.

Once you have submitted claim online the need to go to the office finishes and thus relaxing you. The online process is appropriate and fast to use. It can be approached any where and any time and just needs an internet connection to be connected to your PC system and your rebate form and the rest is in your hand.


  • To submit the claim for rebate status online visit .
  • Get the rebate page by click on the link saying “get your rebates. Click to get started”.
  • Choose the service form a calendar given, type the identification number of your vehicle in the given area, type the name of dealer along with the address of your dealer.
  • Hit “continue” button.
  • You will complete the submission process by following the directions given by the site.
  • Having any kind of questions in your mind and want their answers to get solutions for the confusions you are having then simply visit .
  • You can contact the experts through website by visiting and getting solutions for your problems.


The online opportunity of submitting and getting reclaim notifications is beneficial for both the company and the customers that you just need to login to your account and get all the latest notifications for your rebate and account and thus can plan the rest of the things. Another biggest advantage of this facility is you do not need to travel from your residence to offices.

About Company:

The company is located in Dearborn, Michigan, Detroit, and the company deals with the automotives and is a company of international level created by Henry Ford in 1903. Now, it is considered the 3rd largest of U.S and 5th largest of the world’s automaker companies. Automobiles in a number of millions are produced by it at yearly basis. Employing more than 231,000 people and the plants working under its name are about 90.

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