How To Play Homerow Keys At Freetypinggame

Games are usually organized plays. They are normally meant for both educational purposes and fun. Some games can be taken as a career especially by those people whose professionally is games or sports. The goals in any game are targeted by rules, challenges and interaction. Games mostly involve physical or mental stimulation or both. A majority of games sharpen skills that are a way of exercising. One such game is playing homerow keys at freetypinggame. Games must have the following characteristics;

  • Games must have a light hearted character to trigger excitement that is referred to as fun.
  • Must have a unique place and time where the activity goes down. Either indoor or outdoor.
  • The results of any game are uncertain and are unforeseeable.
  • Participating in games is non productive as whatever the player accomplishes is not useful.
  • The rules in a game are not similar with those of everyday life.
  • Games are fictious.This means that they are followed by reality that does not exist.

Games are defined by what a player does. Examples of games are basketball, football, cricket, volleyball, tennis, and rugby.  Some games need tools while others do not need any. A good example of a game that requires no tool is the hide and seek. This game is defined by the environment.

Other games are business oriented and are played to earn or to make profit in businesses. A good example is the home rows key typing games.

A home row key is a game that is 60 seconds timed test in typing. This activity is meant to challenge ones know how on the home row keys. You can try taking it to evaluate your speed in typing in words per every minute.  Practicing these tests will help you type more accurately and faster. on this website, you can try practicing your typing skills.

This is the most important skill any typist must have. It involves one learning to make use of the keyboard more accurately   and be familiar with the positioning of the fingers on the keyboard. This will definitely upgrade your typing.

How To Position Fingers On The Keyboard In Home Row Keys

This is the first and most important step.

  • A S D F keys should be for the left hand.
  • J  K L ; keys are for the right hand.
  • When typing the right index works on J and H while as the left index works on the F and G.
  • K is controlled by the right middle finger and the left middle finger controls the key D.
  • S will be controlled by the right ring finger while the left ring finger will control the key A.
  • For the space bar you use the right thumb to control.

The rules of home row keys involve sitting upright and having your feet flat on the floor. Elbows should be close to the body, straight wrists and level forearms and it is a must to take breaks regularly.

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