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Kids love games and there is no better way to ensure that your kids enjoy fun games while still learning. At kids can do exactly that. This website offers educational games for free to librarians, kids, parents and even teachers. This website is ideal for kids in preschool to kids in the eighth grade. Here, they find over one hundred interactive and fun games that help to develop kids’ skills in math, literacy and reading. This is not all; kids can enjoy their favorite comic books like Amelia writes again, the diary of a wimpy kid as well as Brewster rocket.

Supported By Librarians And Teachers

Since the creating of funbrain in 1997, teachers as well as librarians have encouraged kids to visit funbrain at their free time to play the numerous educational games. Read the comics as well as online books. Teachers believe that this is one of the most ideal educational sites and that it offers students a real learning experience. The games on this site assist students to develop on their skills and add to what they learn in class. It has also been found to be a great tool when it comes to developing the reading abilities of kids, math abilities as well as problem, solving abilities.

A Haven For Parents 

Parents are guaranteed that funbrain delivers a safe and fun learning experience for any kid between preschool and the 8th grade. In this site, there is the playground section where parents can introduce kids in preschool to the internet and also train them on using the keyboard and mouse.

In September of 2010, funbrain was selected by the familyfun magazine to be amongst the best ten kids websites. This site is committed to offering a safe alternative to kids gaming sites where kids are entertained and they learn in the process.

More On Funbrain.Com

Unlike other game sites, your kid does not have to be a genius to play the games available on the site. The games are skill based and the player advances as they go. The best thing about this site is the fact that one does not have to register to play meaning no info is collected by the site.

At, kids play games like math arcade, number games and reading games. There is even a baseball math game. Here, the player plays baseball amidst solving math problems. This game has difficulty levels; from easy to medium and hard or the super brain. The player also has the chance to select the type of game they want. They can select from addition games, subtraction games, multiplication or even division games. These can also be played in algebra.


The fact that is an excellent site for kids is without a doubt. There is no better way to incorporate learning in a fun environment than with the use of games and puzzles. This site is not only ideal for kids, but it is also a site for parents and teachers tools. Kids have the liberty to select games by grade as well as topic. All a kid has to do is go to and start playing; no registration required.       

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