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Gardens and better homes magazine helps you convert your home to a comfortable and inviting haven. Every copy has spacious kitchen, cozy bedrooms, attractive gardens, porches and recipes. There are houses in different sizes and specifications to suit your specific. You can now receive much more of all these with the brand new I pad edition for better gardens and homes. Open I Tunes and buy apps, you can download it from Print subscribers now have good news because the version of I pad has been included among your subscription without an extra cost. Through this application, you can get so much such as gardening advice, decorating tips as well as delicious recipes.

This app comes with rich, vibrant inspiration, content on getting better homes, and interactive gear that put creative, affordable solutions on your fingertips. You can now get your dream home with the help of your I pad thanks to the advancement of technology.

You can try out various color palettes in the feature room with the decorating devices; pick your ideal paint, accessories and fabric with just a swipe of your finger.

  • You may take a video trip on behind the scenes for photograph shoots when top designers are revealing their secret tips for shopping, as they give advice on style and show just how minute changes can create a big impact.
  • You can whip up quick and perfectly delicious family dinners each time with step-by-step cooking videos, change the intensity of the flavor with just a finger tap, in addition to finding your favorites with the recipe in each issue.
  • You may browse the plans of the gardens to see all the details, plants, and buying links you may need so as to re-create attractive backyards.
  • You will eliminate the makeover guesswork with the before-and-after plans of the floor that were animated and show you solutions for small portions, ways that you may arrange your cozy rooms and furniture that are family-friendly and welcome.
  • You can discover a location to find our products that have been featured with links that will take you straight to the basis.

The app has all details from the printed edition, in addition to more creative, easy solutions for the kind of home you have always wanted. More down-to-earth ideas that are practical do not cost a fortune, more sensible answers, simple approaches, inspiration and information, the I pad edition of Better Gardens  and Homes is here to bring you much more of  exactly what you have been looking for. It has been brought exactly at your finger tips.

Available subscriptions are for:

1-month for $1.99 renews automatically until cancelled.

1-year for $14.99 renews automatically until cancelled.

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