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Next to buying a house, the purchase of a car is regarded as one of the dearest acquisitions that many than to ensure that you are aware of certain facts.

The facts that you require are to be found in an issue that may have various tags but is inevitably known as follows: New car buying advice consumer reports. The article will cite the hallmarks of what a reliable car buying guide should look like. This follows a comparison of reputable consumer and consumer watchdog group(s) reports. The main goal of this guideline is to basically ensure that you, as a consumer, know what to look out for when shopping for issue that bears the appellation- New Car buying advice consumer reports.

A Guide On The Ideal Template Of A New Car Buying Advice Consumer Report

  • Log onto the consumer reports network,
  • Click on the New Car link that is contained on the navigation bar of this website;
  • The sub page that opens contains an article on issues that you might need to familiarize with about the acquisition of new cars – insurance packages, lease agreements, and that sort of thing.
  • Contained on the page are hyperlinks of various reviews on the subject of new cars. Click any that piques your interest.
  • These reports are normally exhaustive in their nature but ensure that you get a report that will highlight aspects such as the reliability ratings as well as the safety ratings that are associated with a particular marquee.
  • Similarly, your report should have advice on issues such as alternative vehicle models to the purchase that you are mulling over, negotiation advice that will guarantee that you get the best deal in the market, et al.
  •  Typically, it is normally smart to purchase different consumer reports to get all these elements under your scope.

Industry experts estimate that poring through such reports prior to purchasing your automobile guarantees the consumer a saving of up to $ 1,600.  This is on account of the fact that the reports arm the buyer with information such as the dealers invoice price – this means that you get to know what the dealer is paid; pricing graphs that intuitively let the buyer know the soft underbelly of a vehicle and how to leverage this to get a discount; and the transaction price of a particular brand in every region.


An old truism states as follows: To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Being forearmed in our case, means that you do not get bumped (where the dealer inflates the interest rates on your payment schedule to get a handsome commission). It also means that you know how far you can push the dealer because you know what his bottom line in a particular transaction actually looks like. The advantages of going to a dealership with this kind of insider knowledge are myriad. The knowledge that has been held by a select few in the world of business is now available to you. Take advantage of this.

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