Get Free Math Tests From Multiplication.Com is a website launched as a platform that supports online teaching and learning of multiplication through use of wide range of activities like work sheets, activities, and interactive video games. Most interesting feature of the site is that it features a six step formula to teach children the rules of multiplication.

Among the popular games offered by the site are Grand prix, diaper derby and Cone crazy. Besides the online single or multi player games the site also conducts online tests for its users.


Quizzes at act as the performance measurement tool for the kids who are being taught by their tutor or parent through the learning methods of the website author.

The site offers two types of quizzes. First is the downloadable quick quizzes for review of daily progress, which contain ten questions each. The second are online quizzes which are longer and contain more in depth review.

How To Guide For Free Online Test From Multiplication.Com

The Online Mathematics tests include multiplication, addition, subtraction and sub-division tests are systematically designed and arranged according to their level of difficulty as follows: Pre Test, zeros, ones……. And post test. Each test creates 36 problems in random order except multiplication test numbers ten, eleven and twelve that are limited versions.

The online mathematics tests by are free and require no subscription or membership also.


The only requirement is to get a PC or laptop with high speed internet connection.

Step By Step Procedure:

  1. On the official website hit the Resources tab.
  2. Select online quizzes and test from pull down menu.
  3. Choose test that best suits your or your kid’s / student’s level of learning.
  4. Hit finished on the question tab after answering our questions so that the quiz can be submitted for auto marking and self correcting.
  5. For any further help or assistance on how to use the guides check the quizzes navigator.

Summary is providing a specialty educational service free of cost to both tutors and students. It is very easy to develop mathematical abilities in students and to teach them basic rule of maths in simple and fun way.

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