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MapQuest has been making it possible for people to get maps, find places as well as follow direction for more than 4 decades. Now there is the new MapQuest for android that allows you to use the MapQuest app anytime and anywhere. MapQuest offers a free alternative to Google maps. If you own an android phone, you can now enjoy the luxurious map guide option for free. MapQuest for android also offers the same turn by turn abilities and makes use of android speech function to give you audio navigation.

The many MapQuest fans can now enjoy using their androids to get turn by turn navigation capabilities for free. The advantage of using MapQuest is the fact that the app can be used outside the United States. With MapQuest, you can easily locate a friend in your contacts list. MapQuest also offers its users with traffic updates every five minutes. MapQuest also provided walking directions if you do not have a car.

About Mapquest

MapQuest is web mapping service and is owned by AOL. The company became operational is 1967 and was then a cartographic services. It became independent in 1994 and was renamed to GeoSystems World Corporation. American online, (AOL) acquired MapQuest in the year 2000. With MapQuest, you can get walking or driving navigation for various states.

How To Get Directions Using Mapquest

  • Go to get direction from the left panel. This will open up another search box.
  • Enter your location in the search box at the top and enter your final destination in the second search box. You can enter a single line address comprising of the street, city, zip code and state.’
  • State the kind of directions you want, i.e. driving, walking or transit on the icon above the search boxes.
  • Click on get direction when ready to for the directions.
  • Directions will be displayed o the left panel, and the route will show on the map.

Mapquest For Android Features

  • Voice guided navigation – with MapQuest for android you get verbal navigation with regards to when and where you should turn.
  • You enjoy voice search. All you have to do is speak of a desired destination and the app will search and direct you.
  • The app’s map toolbar makes it easy to locate coffee shops, restaurants, parking areas and even gas stations with just one click.
  • It offers driving and walking directions and it recommends the easiest routes. The app also rotates the map to match the travel orientation.
  • You get extensive traffic updates every 5 minutes.

The MapQuest app for android is similar to MapQuest for iphone. It also makes use of the OSM (OpenStreetMap) dataset to ensure you get reliable international directions. OSM is what makes MapQuest an appealing alternative to Google maps. OSM is simply a live amp that is update everyday by developers ensuring that correct info is added to the map.

Mapquest Is More Than Just Directions

MapQuest is easy to use and this is why it is heavily relied upon by users. To get directions, you simply have to type in your start and end address. You will get accurate navigation in just a few seconds. With MapQuest, you can be able to plan the route to take; you can add trip stops, find services of interest along the way like gas stations, affordable hotels, and the most ideal pizza places. You also get your destination’s street maps.


To make sure that MapQuest is not just another alternative to goggle maps by people who do not like goggle maps, the developers have to do some more work on the features to ensure it is the best map navigation’s app in the market. However, MapQuest is truly giving Google maps a run for its money and it is absolutely free.

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