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Anyone who to a certain degree is a traveler or one who aspires to be in the jet set lifestyle should be conversant with Orbitz. The question that the reader might be asking at this point is this: Just what exactly is Orbitz?

Orbitz is an online travel company that has its headquarters at Citigroup Center, Chicago, Illinois. Whilst Orbitz is the online company that deals with matters facilitating travel, the parent company goes under the name: Orbitz Worldwide Incorporated. It is estimated that on this online portal, around one and a half million flight and hotel searches are made on a daily basis.

The article is written with the intent of providing a list of the top 10 discounts deals that are currently trending on Orbitz. The deals that you do well to snap up are listed below:

  • $ 100 on selected items: This is a coupon code that applies to Mexican, Carribean, as well as Hawaiian vacation that are offered on Orbitz. This is a code that is valid up until the last day of the current year;
  • $ 75 off qualifying packages: This is a coupon code that applies to flight as well as accommodation packages that are at Orbitz. The package does not apply to Las Vegas stays;
  • DC Hotel discounts and bonuses: This coupon code applies to high end DC hotels. The traveling agency will basically guarantee that you get to have extras such as resort credits, as well as room upgrades negotiated on your behalf;
  • $ 40 off flight and hotel package: With this coupon code, you are guaranteed that upon checkout, you get a discount that saves you up to $ 40 on hotel vacation packages as well as flights. For this coupon to apply on hotel accommodation, you will need to stay at the establishment for a minimum of 4 days; this discount applies per hotel room and runs up until the end of the year;
  • 15% off Ocean Key resort and spa: This is a discount code that shaves off 15% off your cost when you elect to put up at the Ocean Key Resort and Spa, it runs up until the end of the year;
  • $ 200 off in the winter: This is a coupon code that will save you some $ 200 on Nassau Paradise Island vacation packages. The validity of the code is hinged on you staying up at this establishment for some 4 days, and booking being done prior to the 12th of November. This code applies to travel that is slated for early next year;
  • 5 % off hotel stays: This is a code that applies to all Orbitz affiliated hotels, and it expires on the last day of next year’s 1st quarter;
  • $ 200 off Paradise Island: This is a coupon code that is open to those who take up any Nassau Paradise Island vacation package. The package applies to offers that last for more than four nights;
  • 30% off at Lafayette Hotel: This is an offer that extends a discount of 30 % on Lafayette Hotels – San Diego , and it expires on the first day of December;
  • 50% off Romanico Palace Hotel: If you are passing through the city of Rome, then it would be ideal to get this coupon code that is valid until the penultimate day of the year.

These are some of the codes that are available to you when you link up on the premier travel and hotel accommodation Orbitz. To have a pick on what you fancy, follow the following link: Orbitz discounts.

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