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Another very exciting and beneficial service provided by the company is that the customer can receive the MMS messages and view them any time by using the company’s services. The start up procedure for this service contains few steps given below.


  • You can only have this latest message facility provided by the company if you are already the customer of the company and have previously used the other services provided by the company.
  • You will be needed an activated phone number of the company issued to you. This will be necessary for having the facility with the help of the company’s services.
  • For getting the online facility of viewing messages provided by Virgin Mobile, you will have to first make the visit of the official web site of the company. You can go to this link for availing this facility. .
  • At the resulted page, you can move future for activation of multimedia message facility of the company by providing the information asked by the company is the required fields on the page.
  • The first field which you will see on the page is labeled as “Enter your Virgin Mobile phone number”. In this field you are supposed to enter your mobile number issued by the company at which you need to get MMS message services. So you will be required to enter a correct mobile number in the field to proceed next.
  • In the filed below, you can see a text field by the title of “Enter your message code”. In this filed the company is required from you the specific 8 digit message code. That code will be received by you from the company by means of requesting of that code via SMS. You can also get that number from the company by calling at the help line of the customer care department of the company.
  • After you will be able to enter the both numbers in these two fields, you can click on the button named as “Go” placed at the end of the page so that these numbers will be received by the company.
  • If you have entered the valid data and correct numbers in the both of these fields, you will be guided next for attaining and activation of MMS message facility of the company.
  • You will be informed after few days, regarding your service activation of video message. After wards you can have the viewing and sharing of message via the company’s services.

About Company:

Company is working in many regions and states to provide best cellular services to the customers and with proper quality f services and less hindrances. By these services customers can experience a better communication service world wide.

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