Guild Wars 2: Get Hall Of Monuments Rewards Online

AreaNet, the developers of Guild Wars has in the recent past posted a reminder requesting online players to link their Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts to be able to take advantage of their Hall of Monument Rewards at launch.

If you are a fanatical player of Guild Wars, it is a foregone conclusion that you have managed to  accumulate a respectable number of points during the first season of the game. Points in themselves are not bad, even better however is what those points can actually earn you as your chart your adventure through your Hall of Monuments adventure. The points earned here will aide you exchange exclusive weapon skins, armor, and more in Guild wars 2.

A brief walk through what you need to do to ensure that your Hall of Monuments rewards are ready is given below.

  • Foremost, you need to ensure that you have established you very own Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars1: Eye of the North;
  • Second, you need to link your two accounts in both Guild War 1 and Guild War 2. This is important because every character that your create in Guild Wars 2 receives a special in game item – the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone;
  • Activate the portal stone and this ensures that you automatically get transported to the Eye of the North . In this realm, you get to chat with an old buddy and historian Kimmes who gets to show you the list of Hall of Monuments rewards that you have unlocked. You basically have a carte blanche on the items due to you – in other words you can select any of the items for any of the characters that you have on your account.
  • To go back to the other realm, simply use the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone to transport yourself and your rewards back to your former location. That is how easy it is to redeem your Hall of Monuments rewards online.

To know the exact points that your character has earned, you need to check out the Hall of Monuments Reward calculator. In the same vein, if you need aide with regard to linking your two accounts together you could click on the link provided herein: Guild Wars 2 Support


The static that is being generated by redemption of rewards from the Hall of Monuments reward is palpable. Discussion threads are dripping (sic) with how the points are allocated to the characters, the distance between the portal stone and the calculator, questions on whether the portal stones are character bound et a. These are some of the questions that the fanatics are asking, you might or might not get all the answers on blog, but what is certain is that you will be out of the loop if you fail to link your two accounts. That is a scenario that you will certainly shut you out from being a participant in these discussion boards, link your accounts.

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