Get HAR Android App To Search For Homes For Sale

HAR is an app for android phones; it allows MLS subscribers to have access to MLS information and also help potential consumers to locate a home, bookmark listings and so much more.

MLS subscribers get access to houses for sale or on lease and all listing details (Full report from the agent, Report for tax profile, instructions for showing and market days), their listings and also access their listing inventory for the company.

You can download on your android phone from Google play. You can also go to and scan the code that appears to download the HAR Android apps.

For you to subscribe, you need to login in the password-protected area with your password and username. You will be granted access to their listings, their leads and to their inventory for company’s listing.

Features for members and consumers

  1. It is an established residential tool for search to locate homes that are on sale or homes to be leased in Houston area.
  2. It has a great range of search details such as proximity, square footage and more.
  3. Its map refreshes automatically to display details when you move up, down and across the map.
  4. Information for MLS listing is updated after every 15 minutes.
  5. Most comprehensive listing information includes room dimensions, price, exterior and interior features, schedule for open house and more.
  6.  You can slide easily through the photo gallery for every listing (counting up to 16 photographs).
  7. It has a developed Google mapping that shows street view.
  8. You are able to bookmark the listings you find interesting.
  9. You can view the history of your findings and searches.
  10. You can easily get through to the broker or listing agent.

On HAR Map search, there is an entire screen Map Search to enable you to have a wide view of a location on your screen. You are also able to zoom in and draw a box to get properties that are on sale.


As a subscriber for MLS, you will have access to all listing details:

  • Report for tax profile
  • Agent complete report
  • Market days
  • Relevant instructions

There is a wide range of property on MLS Homes to select from. They include single family homes, condo/townhouse, Hi-rise/Mid condominium, residential lease, Multi-Family homes, Residential lots, country homes, new construction, recently listed, timeshares or fractional, price reduction, foreclosures, historic districts and affordable housing among other many listings.

The featured tools in this application include home values, schools, videos, energy solutions, daily alerts, blogs and open houses.

For queries concerning building look up for home inspections, security system look up for home security, financial issues look up for mortgage lenders. Anything to do with technology search for cable services, insurance services search for homeowners insurance, marketing queries look up for floor plans and finally for queries look up for real estate schools.

  With this app, you with always be updated with the latest in the market; therefore, you have all the reasons to get HAR Android app to search for homes for sale.

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