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If one wants to access the services of any company or any of the website one needs to sign in firstly. It is only then they can acquire full benefit of each and everything on their website. These days sending emails, having chat with your friends, office members have become very much important. For this purpose people need to have an account on any of the website. The best one which has provided great benefits to people is Hotmail. For this people need to have their own personal accounts. Only then they can perform various tasks without facing nay difficulty.


  • When your computer is switched on and you have made the connection with the internet then you need to type the following address of the website in your address bar which is .
  • You have to first sign into the account by providing them username and password, but if your want to go for new account activation then follow the below mentioned procedure.
  • At the bottom of the page you will see an option of ‘sign up now’. Click on that option.
  • An application form would appear which you need to fill out by providing the correct details.
  • Give them your first and last name.
  • Tell them your age and gender.
  • Also tell them about the country, state and city where you live. Your zip code will also be asked.
  • Choose an email address and password for your account. Re-type the password so that no mistake occurs. Make sure that your password is the strong one.
  • If you have an alternate email address then write it in the box.
  • Choose two security questions for your account and give their answers as well. They will remain safe with them and can help you to prevent your account form hacking.
  • Enter all the character that will appear in the box appearing.
  • Read all their terms and policies and accept them.
  • If you want to receive weekly updates then tick the box in front of this option.
  • Click the Submit button in the end.


Signing in process for account is very much easy task. One can easily understand all the features that are put forward by them. Nothing is difficult or perplexed during this whole process.

About Company:

This is a free web based email service provided by Microsoft. Its previous name is Windows live mails or MSN. In 1996 it was launched by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Various version of this site have been introduced since it has been launched. They are enhancing their features day by day.

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