How To Change Linksys Router’s Administrator Password

Network routers are normally managed via a private administrative account. All router manufacturers set a default username and password for all accounts during manufacturing. They use identical setting for all their equipment. Once the router is purchased, it is advisable to change the admin password once the unit is installed. This enhances the network’s security.

The Linksys Router 

Linksys is a division of Cisco and manufacturers network routers series. Most of their models are shipped with firmware that is Linux based and is able to run 3rd party firmware. The initial model that supported 3rd party firmware was the well-liked Linksys WRT54G. This series and its variants are all Wi-Fi enabled residential gateways manufactured by Linksys. One of its variants, the WRT54GL, can run a 3rd party firmware that is Linux based for added features. The supported software comprise of OpenWrt, Tomato and DD-WRT.

How To Change The Default Password Of The Linksys Router

This process steps may vary on different models but the process remains the same.

  • · Log On To The Router Admin Console

You can log in using the default username and password provided by the manufacturers. The web address to Linksys routers is Most of the Linksys routers do not have specifications for specialized usernames. You have the option of leaving the field blank or enter a name of choice. The default password is “admin” for most Linksys routers. Once you the log in successful, there will be a Linksys window opening.

  • · Change Default Password

Once in the router’s admin console, go to the admin/security area where you have the option to change admin password. In most cases, the administration tab on the top of the page/screen has the Linksys router password settings. All you have to do is click on admin for the page to open.

  • · Enter the password

Once on the password settings page, you are required to select a password basing your choice on the guidelines given for password strength security. In the password box, enter your new password. You are required to re-enter the same password in the second field provided. The reason why a double entry of the password id required is to make sure you correctly entered your characters. Note that the characters you put are not shown, but are represented by dots for security purposes.

  • · Save Your New Password

Once you have filled in the fields in the password setting page, you need to remember that your password is not applicable until the settings are saved. The save settings button is normally located at the bottom of the page. You need to click on the ‘save settings’ or ‘save password changes’ button for the new password to be in effect. Once this is done, a confirmation window pops up to confirm that the password change was successful. This means that the new password is effective from that moment henceforth.

NB: You do not require rebooting the router for the password to be effective as it is automatic.

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