How to Extend Your iPad’s Battery Life When You’re Not Using It

How to Extend Your iPad’s Battery Life When You’re Not Using It

Not so long ago the realization dawned on us that we just don’t use our Ipad’s and tablet devices as much as we used to; naturally that led us to ask the question of how to extend your iPad’s battery life when you’re not using it, back then we posed this question in reference to extending the battery life on our Android tablet devices when we weren’t using them. Today, we pose that very same question to our Apple iPads.

In reality, iPads tend to get really decent battery life with next to no necessary adjustment, that said Ipad users hate reaching for the charger like anyone else. There are things you can do to extract more battery life from a single charge of the IPad.

Greater battery life is particularly useful if you tend to use tablets in a way that we feel is typical of most iPad and tablet users Namely for short extended periods of time, perhaps in evening, or sitting on the couch or lying in bed late at night before turning off.

While iPads have impacted the way we lead our lives, it is true that most of us aren’t taking our iPads with us everywhere we travel about, instead they usually stay tucked away at home when we go to work or out to play and are left for long periods of time far away from the charger.

On that assumption then we know that our tablet is just sitting there draining juice, hence we can disable some of our iPad’s functionality because we’re not using it in such a way that that functionality really matters to us. Generally what matters includes almost exclusively using the iPad for consumption of social media, playing mobile games, browsing the news, streaming video, and other non-productive activities.

Disable Background Activities

The first thing you want to improve the battery life on the IPad is to disable any background app refreshing. While you need apps to make your iPad fun and productive, those apps don’t need to spend the day looking for updates, tracking location and just wasting your valuable battery life.

Turn Off Notifications

Equally, if your iPad is primarily for consuming media and browsing the Web, you don’t need a lot of OS notifications (if any) so turn them off.

First of all, open the “Settings” and the “General” category on the iPad, then tap the “Background App Refresh” button on the device.

You will observe a long list of all your numerous installed apps, next to which you can disable each one’s background refresh options, if you want. It’s easier however, to just turn off “Background App Refresh” right at the top of the screen.

Taking it Further

If you want to dive much deeper into all things iOS notifications, then you can also adjust various settings for sounds, badge icons, and so on. For our purposes here, however, turning them and background app refreshing off should have a long term positive effect on the iPad battery life meaning less time waiting for charging. Now you should have a good grasp of how to extend your iPad’s battery life when you’re not using it.

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