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You need to feed your mind on the right stuff. The right stuff in this case means that you should regulate what goes in your mind. The article in this case is alluding to the games that you feed your mind with; the article refers to the games that you can purchase for your child.

Playing online games at fun brain is what this article is about. Fun brain has a number of games to it: Number games, word games, study skills, and puzzles. The games are classified according to the ages of the player-school grades ages.

How Do You Play Online Games At Fun Brain?

  • Foremost, you need to log onto the online portal: Fun games;
  • This opens you up to the web site where there are a number of games that are available to the school grade going children – the available games ( by their division) is classified as per the tabs that are available to the use
  • The games that are open to the gamer include the following
  • Number games – Soccer shoot out, bumble numbers, math baseball among others
  • Word games – What’s the word, spell check, scrabble, word confusion and so forth
  • Puzzles- Sudoku, Puzzler, Place value puzzler to mention a few

The games are grades as per the age of the gamer. The classification system is based on the ages of the gamer – age being determined by the class that the gamer is – the classes range from kindergarten to grade 8. Fun-games are regarded as the internet number one educational site for pre teen students.

The advantages that come to exposing your child to these online games are listed below:

  • Foremost, these games are important when it comes to sharpening your mind; this is on account of the fact that you firm up your working memory by constantly playing the myriad of puzzle games;
  • Second, you need to understand that these online games spark the creative genius in you. Think about the realm of creativity that the mind is exposed to when you partake in any of these games;
  • Third, the word games that you expose your children to essentially aides in building up the vocabulary of your child; this is done albeit with a fun way as opposed to the drudgery that is sometimes involved with reading a text;
  • Fourth, the game aides you in developing your problem solving abilities; you get to develop logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and arithmetic abilities;
  • Fifth, the gamer gets to develop thinking speed; information processing, and spatial reasoning skills;
  • Lastly, the online games aide in the development of focus, concentration and attention span abilities. These are some of the abilities that you stand to accrue when you play any of the more than a dozen games that are available to you on the online game Fun brain.

These games come with a how to play manual – for each of the games. There is a membership board that allows the members to access whatever game that you would want to access the player.

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