How To Shop For Skull Candy At Target.Com

In so far as business names go, skull candy definitely takes the icing on the cake. Skull candy, for those who are coming across the name for the first time, is a brand of earphones that offer unrivaled sounds to the ear – thus the name skull candy. Before we check on the models available on the market, it is fitting that the reader gets a glimpse of the history of this modern day icon.

The company was founded in the year 2003. The company makes speakers that are targeted at the general market and outdoor sports. The entity specializes in the production of on ear headphones, over the ear headphones, ear buds, gaming earphones, and collector earphones. The Utah based company made an attempt to list on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)- this step for some reason received a tepid response from the financial markets. The hoops that you will be required to jump when you are in the market to purchase Skull candy at may resemble something like this:

  • Simply go to the main page of Target:
  • On the navigation panel is a link that branches to electronic products, click on it;
  • Under this electronic link, there is a branch that deals with everything regarding earphones, when you click on this link, you basically open the vistas on all headphones that are stocked by the online vendor;
  • You could elect to refine your search by keying in the word skull candy on the search bar; when you do this, you get about 174 models of skull candy earphones.

The headphones that are made by Skull candy come with life time warranties. The manufacturer in many ways is growing exponentially as far as market share go; in the previous year for instance, the brand was ranked as the third highest selling earphone brand in the United States. The company has won accolades from a number of respectable publications with Fortune Magazine naming this company as the world’s coolest ear bud in 2008 and with a positive citation from the Utah Business Fast in 2008 for being among the top 50 most innovative companies in the state of Utah. The company engages in a number of charity activities with the most notable being the Boarding for Breast Cancer – a program that aims at increasing awareness on the subject of breast cancer plus. The brand also focuses on the promotion of artists who wear its products- Jay Z and Snoop Dogg being among the notable artists.


When you are shopping for ear phones at Skull Candy, you have more than a dozen earphones that you can choose from; the pricing models are targeted at both the lower end market as well as the upper end market. As stated earlier, the designs come in a wide array of forms and these are designed to ensure that whatever your fancies, you get a product that you can truly feel that personal signature.

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