How To Track Your USPS Shipment Online

If you have ever had to wait for a parcel, then you understand the battle of nerves that you need to fight. You are not alone; many an individual has had to battle that wild horse of impatience that rides in the breast of a person who is anticipating a parcel. There are probably millions of people who can attest to the fact that whether it is waiting for a parcel from a loved one, or an acquisition that is dear to you, the wild horse cannot be tamed; however, technology has somewhat tamed that horse, almost.

Thanks to the new online tool by America’s foremost parcel delivery service USPS you can be on top of issues with regard to knowing exactly where your parcel is in the delivery process. This could be attributed to the online tool referred to as track and confirm. What track and confirm shows will be listed at the tail end of the article, what the article will immediately sink its teeth into is the issue of how to track your order whilst en route of a USPS courier service.

Guidelines on how to track your USPS shipment online

Foremost, go to the USPS online shipping tools page, the web address is provided herein: USPC Online Shopping Tools;

  • On the web page, there is a navigation bar, click on the Manage Your Mail section of the navigation bar. This section will link you up to a number of links, click on the Track and Confirm link
  • On the track and confirm, search query key in the label number of your item. The delivery status will be highlighted: If you shipped your product by Express Mail, you will get the point by point tracking details of the product. In the event that you used another service- registered mail, delivery mail, or Delivery Confirmation, you will get a the specifics of when your cargo went out for delivery.
  • For whatever service that you choose to use, there is usually a sample number that comes pegged to it. It is these sample numbers that the client is supposed to key in when they are looking up the progress of their product.

USPS has over a century in matters pertaining to parcel delivery. The skeptics might avow that the services of parcel delivery services are slowly becoming redundant, but this might be a long wait. The reason is that the business of parcel delivery is not limited to matters regarding mail, but also touches on cargo that is tangible and sizeable.


With such online tools at your disposal, you at least get to tame the wild horse of impatience. Should you have any queries on matters that are related to tracking your online shopping, simply go to the FAQ’s page on the main website of USPS. Similarly, you could opt to call the friendly customer care personnel, and you can be assured that all your issues will be handled in the most professional manner possible.

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