How To Use Sprint Family Locator For Android Applications

Family is where we all feel safe and in knowing exactly where they are brings comfort and joy to our hearts. Sprint family locator for android applications is a new technology that allows you to know the real time location of your family members through the Global Positioning System technology abbreviated as GPS.

Registering And Using The Applications

It is easy to use and only requires one to have a phone with android operating system or a personal computer. No download or special settings is needed for the phones you are locating. Simply download the application from.  on your android phone and sign up to register the phones of your family members that you will be tracking and this will be known as your sprint family plan.

This application offers you complete privacy and autonomy because your family members do not have to know when you are tracking them. It has a real time interactive map that allows you to pin point you family’s exact location alongside additional information such as landmarks within the area, street name or address of the house or building they are in without them knowing. You will agree that, this is one smart invention.

It also has specialized features such as location history which tells you where your family members have been on request. Safety check alert has also been incorporated which notifies the user if their loved have arrived at their intended location at a designated time and also you can set up alerts for designated time. For instance, where is Andrew at one pm, and it will provide the information. You can use it to find misplaced back packs if the phone is in there, it can be used to check if your elderly mother or father has reached home safely, it can be used to see where your teen children are, in school or playing truancy, and for those who suspect infidelity, they can use it to monitor their spouse movements.

The uses are virtually unlimited considering the ever changing world of technology. For those who are notorious for going to work late; you can track your boss’s location and see if he at work already or not. After you sign up, the first fifteen days are free after which a fee of five dollars per month is charged to track up to four phones. Whenever you encounter a problem with tracking your family members, you can easily get assistance. Just visit their website customer care section and all your questions will be answered and further assistance provided if necessary.

Current users have all given positive feedbacks about the application with regard to speed, easy usability, reliability as well as economically sound and most of all gives them peace of mind knowing the real time location of their loved ones. They go ahead to recommend this application for everyone who has an android phone. In order to use the application, you must type a password which guarantees privacy hence no unauthorized parties can gain access to the information it provides. This application is a revolution not just for parents, but everyone who wants to take their standard of life to the next level.

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